Spinning nozzle for Barmag POY – Know More About It

There are a number of different factors which need to be considered when selecting the spin casting or spurring nozzle for your processes. For example, if the material to be spilled has a high melting point than any other material, then you can consider using the cold process spin casting nozzle. This will ensure that the temperature is maintained throughout the coating process and there is minimum wastage of the material. The cold process has no moisture recovery time thus enabling faster drying times.

Secondly, when it comes to material management, the temperature and kinetics of the spin casting are very important. If the material is to be spilled over a period of time then the efficiency of the coating will be highly dependent on the speed with which it dries and also the thickness of the splintering. Therefore, if you are looking for fast drying speeds and thickness, then you can go for the dryer nozzle. On the other hand, if you are looking for an optimum time to deposit the material, then you should use the spinner nozzle. The spinning nozzle for the Barmag POY process has the ability to produce both wet and dry film splintering.

You can choose between a wet and dry gun type of nozzle depending on the type of spin casting you wish to perform. If you wish to perform dry screening, then you should go for a dry gun that is capable of producing a film thickness of less than one micrometer. However, if you are looking to perform wet screening on the barman process, then you can use a wet gun that has higher flow rates and higher temperatures. The best part about the wet gun is that it can accommodate the high heat generated during the process. Therefore, in case of any problem, you can always revert to the dry gun for spin casting with a barman printer in India.

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