Sports Women – Inspiring Women to Take Up a New Sport

The first Olympic sports event that a sportsperson attended was women’s fencing in Sydney, Australia in the 1900s. Indian women are known for their endurance and strength and Indian sports world has welcomed these women athletes from different parts of the world. Competitors come from countries like Korea, Japan, China, Pakistan, and USA. Recently, I saw six Pakistani women’s fencing in an international competition. Earlier only the men were involved in such competitions, but now it has also become very common to see women as well. Even children and teenagers are taking part in this sport.


As a woman athlete I feel very proud to represent my country. I have always dreamed of being an Olympic winner and winning a world championship in a sports event. Earlier when I started playing sports, I didn’t even consider any other sports apart from basketball and track running. But recently the sports world has changed and now there are different sports for all levels of the players. Even women are joining the fray.


There are lots of girls out there who dream of becoming famous and world champion in their sport. But still not many get the opportunity to be part of those big leagues. It is true that there are lots of players like Mo Macabi and Serena Williams who have become famous and world-famous. But still no woman have made their dreams come true. If there are any women in sports, then I am sure they will make their mark in the world.


Most of the professional sports women like to play tennis, volleyball, football, golf, boxing, hockey, swimming, hockey, softball and cycling. These games not only bring enjoyment to the players but also to the spectators. The presence of female players in the sports arena gives a lot of confidence to the female players. Every woman player is very determined to win a match and show her performance in front of her opponent.


I really enjoyed watching Indian women players in action. There have been many Indian women players who have won the International Cricketing Association (ICCA) game many times. But the all round skills of these players have impressed me a great deal. It is really great to watch these players playing such tough games. It is a great source of inspiration to know that there are sports women playing such tough games and making it to the top at the end of the day.


So if you are passionate about a certain sport and don’t want to see women playing like a man, then why don’t you take up a sport yourself? It will not only make you beautiful, but it will also keep your body fit and healthy. You will never regret having started a new hobby or vocation.

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