The Benefits of an Air Plasma Cutter

If you are a shop supervisor and have been looking for a suitable CNC plasma cutting machine to get your business up and running, the best option would be to purchase a portable air plasma cutting machine. These portable units have the same functionality as their stationary counterparts, with the added benefit of portability. They are ideal for shops that require CNC plasma cutting machines but because of space issues may not be able to accommodate them in the workroom. Furthermore, these air plasma cutters can be utilized in a wide range of applications including paper fabrication, furniture coating, auto body painting, etc. Even though portable air plasma cutters cost more than their stationary counterparts, the money spent on buying them will be recovered over a few years through fewer injuries and less time spent in the hospital.

The major difference between a stationary and an air plasma cutter is the power source. A plasma cutter uses ionization of gas to generate plasma; the more ions used, the faster the plasma stream produced. A plasma cutter works by passing an electrical current through a powdered mixture containing tungsten electrodes. In turn, the electrodes build up voltage that causes the tungsten to become ionized, which is then fed into the chamber where the plasma is formed. Once the plasma stream is created, it is sent to a cooling fan, and the cycle begins all over again.

Although more costly than the stationary models, buying an air plasma cutter is worth every single penny. It allows shops to cut faster and more accurately without any hassles. It also helps save valuable time so employees can focus on more important tasks like product design, or even maintaining shop equipment. Purchasing a portable air plasma cutter is a sound investment for shops that cannot accommodate heavy-duty CNC plasma cutters. Moreover, portable units ensure safety, as well as provide a greater degree of versatility to your workplace.

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