The Different Uses of the Meat Band Saw

The Meat Band Saw is a versatile, heavy-duty band saw with a dual blade system and inbuilt self-defense characteristics. In its basic form, it has a powerful motor driving a variable gauge blade that cuts through various thicknesses and is ideal for detailed work of various sorts, from small to larger cuts. The band saw also comes with an optional serrated edge blade and diamond blade for tougher cuts. Further optional accessories include adjustable angles of attack (AI), which controls the width of the blade, and adjustable cutting load that let you decide how much extra pressure you apply on it to cut different materials.

A heavy-duty band saw cutting machine suitable for tough cutting and ideal for carving at different depths. The blade is fixed to a rotary drum or an aluminum or steel sleeve fixed to the inside of the saw, the motor is usually powered either via an electrical plug or a hydraulic stroke, and the cutting teeth are tipped by castors. Automatic blade tension control. Easy cleaning using water with minimum pressure.

This saw is particularly suitable for cutting thicker pieces of meat such as beef or pork, as well as dethatching small pieces of chicken. It can cut through all kinds of thick cuts and is a perfect machine for slicing pumpkins and melons and for carving turkeys, ducks, and other games. The Meat Band Saw is also suitable for making cuts into the soft flesh such as veal and cheese, for lopping and trimming the entire cavity of a turkey, as well as making short cuts into the roast lamb. The blade will cut through the skin of fish too, and the blade is so strong that it can cut through the thickest skin of a chicken.

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