The New Legion 7i Laptop

The new Legion 7i laptop is one of the most interesting products to come out of Legion Computer. I got my first look at this laptop a couple of days ago, and I have to say that it is by far the most impressive product that Legion has ever produced. It has just about everything you would want out of a gaming laptop. For starters, you have the integrated sound card with tons of outputs including HDMI, USB port, headphone jack, etc. For gaming, this is a must-have.


Now for the downside. Unless you are an extremely technical person, or you know all about computers, you will probably not be able to figure out how to operate this machine unless you have been using laptops for quite some time. If that is the case, then I suggest buying another one and becoming more familiar with this computer.


But other than that, this new laptop runs great! I am impressed with the speed and performance. And like most things I have purchased, I was very impressed with the customer service that I got when I contacted Legion to ask any questions. From the moment I contacted them, I felt very comfortable with them.


There were a few things that I didn’t like about the laptop. The first thing was that it seemed like the keyboards on this laptop are not that comfortable to use. The reason I say that is because of the size of them. I am a regular-sized man. You can get used to them after a while but for some people they are not going to be that comfortable after the first couple times. In my opinion, this could be a problem because of the way most people carry their laptops.


Another thing that I wasn’t happy with was the build quality. The laptop is made out of plastic, which I am not fond of. The weight itself is not that bad, but it is not as sturdy as you would like. When I dropped the laptop it definitely took a bit of a beating. In the end, though, I just decided to give up the new laptop in favor of an old laptop that works just fine.


One issue that I did have with the new laptop was that the screen was just a little too wobbly. It seemed to be more of a problem than anything else. The way that it was fixed however was by getting a laptop mat to put under the laptop. This solved the wobbly issue to a large extent.


Something else that I thought was a great idea is the built-in speakers. However, when I heard the sound it sounded almost too tinny. So it just turned out that the speakers were not all that great. But at least I am glad that I have the backup option. If something were to happen, I am sure that the sound would last until I could find a decent set of speakers somewhere.


Overall I am very happy that I opted for the laptop. It is much easier to navigate around, has a better screen and overall seems to be a much better machine. If you are looking for a machine that seems to be on the lower end but does all the basic functions than the Legion 7i may be for you.


Another feature that I really like is that there is a full QWERTY keyboard. Having the ability to press the keys without looking at my keyboard just makes life so much easier. Plus there is also a tracking pen included. This allows me to take notes quickly, which is really important in my career.


One thing that really irritated me was that the keyboards on the old laptops were just not that comfortable to use. They would definitely slip when you sat down for long periods of time. When you add that to the fact that they were also really thin and felt flimsy, you can see why this feature was not available on this new machine. In fact, it was available on the new models but was a nice touch that it wasn’t present on the previous models.


Overall I am very happy that I decided to get the new Legion 7i. I have seen plenty of reviews online and have found most of them to be very positive. In fact, I even managed to find one guy who said the new laptop is faster and has a better display than the old one. If you are looking for a new laptop then the Legion 7i is a great choice.

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