The QT4 35B Concrete Block Making Machine – Features and Benefits

A familiar name in the concrete block industry, the QT4 35B concrete block-making machine has a lot to offer you and your business. The machine comes with many features that can improve productivity and make the process of working easier for you. Concrete blocks are one of the most basic components of a construction project. They take the place of gravel when properly laid out, but need to be protected from the weather, dust, water, and sand. The machine is equipped with four roller blades which provide the firmness needed for these types of jobs.

When preparing a concrete batch, there are other steps that need to be taken to ensure that it is ready to be installed. These steps include leveling, spraying, and compaction. Without the proper equipment, each of these steps would be much more difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. In fact, without the proper concrete batch equipment, the entire construction project could be delayed, as well as the cost of the project itself.

The QT4 35B concrete block machine can handle most job requirements, but before you decide to purchase this equipment, it’s important to take a closer look at the various features and benefits that this machine has. This equipment has been designed to meet the concrete industry’s current needs, but also comes with some additional features and benefits that make it perfect for professional use. Some of these features include optimized productivity due to its four roller blade settings that are all manual; automatic temperature compensation to ensure your machines are maintained at the right temperature; a built-in dust extractor that keeps the air clean; and a built-in diamond coating. This machine makes the preparation of concrete a much faster and easier process, allowing you to complete projects quicker and with less hassle.

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