Things To Do in Yangon, Thailand

There are many things to do in Yangon, Myanmar. One of the most exciting activities is enjoying a game of golf at one of Yangon’s 18-hole championship golf courses. This is an incredible venue with breathtaking scenery and lush tropical gardens. All the best hotels are located within walking distance, and you will be able to find restaurants, bars, and shopping centers within a few minutes’ drive.

If you are interested in exploring some heritage buildings of the city, there are many hiking trails in Yangon. The Blyde River Canyon is an excellent destination for a day of hiking. You will see many modern-day attractions such as the Naypyi dam and Sukumvit Hotel, all surrounded by picturesque mountains. Hiking will also allow you to enjoy a wide variety of flora and fauna. The Blyde River Canyon is also home to many Buddhist monasteries, and you can enjoy a guided tour of these wonderful buildings.

One of the main sights to see in Yangon is the Thameez Burial Tomb, where the former king of Siam, Hailephros Winnie, is buried. The tomb is open to the public and is a great place to enjoy the sun while taking in the local flavor. Other attractions include the Thameez Waterfall and the world-famous Sun Gate. While in Yangon, make sure to check out the Buddhist Temple of Wisdom, which is located on the outskirts of town. The temple is a World Heritage site and is protected.

It’s easy to find many more fun things to do in Yangon. These include enjoying the beautiful sunset in a luxurious floating lighthouse in Bophut, enjoying the nightlife in various parties and pubs, or exploring the many caves in the region. You can even try your hand at rock climbing if you are up for it! If climbing isn’t your thing, however, you can still take a walk in the evening, enjoying the much nightlife and fine dining options in the area.

A must-visit, while you’re in Yangon, is Rattanakosin, which is Thailand’s largest national park. Here, you can enjoy a variety of walking trails, including among the many stunning viewpoints of the surrounding area. If you love wildlife, this is a good place to be. There are many species of monkeys, deer, and boar that you can spot here. In addition to all the natural attractions, there are many shopping venues in the city, including some of the best shopping malls you will find anywhere.

A few days away from the city is worth having, especially if you want to get away from it all. Consider visiting Boracay, which is located in Ko Samui, a small island off the coast of Thailand. Boracay is located along a beach where it is easy to just lay back and enjoy the sun. There are no shops, bars, or restaurants in the area, and there are very few people around. This gives visitors the opportunity to just lounge on the beach and enjoy the day.

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