Tomato Sorting and Grading Machine

The tomato Sorting and grading machine is an automated device used in the tomato growing industry for the purpose of separating ripe tomatoes from unripe fruits. The machine has a metal tray that has a handle, which is pulled up or down to let the worker move the sieve to separate ripe and unripe tomatoes. This kind of machine is useful for those who have a small or limited amount of tomatoes to be graded or those who need to sort large quantities of tomatoes per day.

When using the tomato sieving machine, it is important for the operator to be familiar with all its functions such as how to lift the lid, where to place the handle, how to push the handle, how to control the speed, what to do when a tomato is unripe and ripe and the different sizes of the screening screen. All the basic steps are clearly set out by the manufacturer of this type of machine so that the operator can perform the operation smoothly. Tomato grading and sorting machine have many types of filters such as activated carbon, yarn filter, nylon filtration, ion-exchange resins, charcoal, activated carbon paper, and UV light filters. It is also equipped with a slicer and a blade for slicing. It is designed to handle full sun rays and is water-resistant.

In addition, this machine is perfect for home gardeners and small-scale farmers. Large varieties of tomatoes, such as Cherry, Beefsteak, and Vineiger can be sorted, crushed, and packaged into smaller containers for the market. This will allow the home gardener to save money on fresh fruits and vegetables. Tomato grading and sorting machine are also used by restaurants, retail stores, pick and pack companies, confectionary manufacturers, wholesale food companies, pulp mills, and others who process a large number of tomatoes in a short period of time. This device can easily process 50 Tomato lots per hour.

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