Top Reasons Why Female Athletes Are Still Undervalued

There is no question that female athletes are often stronger than male athletes. In fact, studies have shown that women can push themselves farther and harder than men can. Women have proven time again that they are capable of completing seemingly impossible tasks, ranging from climbing to swimming at extreme ocean temperatures to running miles at blazing speed. Female runners can complete marathons in one day, put themselves in super high-risk sports like mountain climbing, and tackle the toughest triathlons the world has to offer. Most male athletes would have their heart set on completing a particular task to try to beat the time of another man. The combination of these tasks, combined with a strong mind and the knowledge that they are indeed strong will make any woman an athlete, no matter what sex they are.


Strong Female Athletes Have Many Gifts As compared to male athletes, a female’s physical traits also come into play when it comes to strength. Although most female athletes focus on the muscles they use, they also have great endurance, athleticism, and flexibility. Because of this, if they can combine these strengths with a strong mind, they have the potential to become some of the most incredible female athletes the world has ever seen.


One of the things that female athletes do best is run. They use their leg and quad strength to take them through the sport. The men will be lifting weights, swinging an object and doing other activities that will make their muscles stronger but not as efficient as that of a female. By focusing on the leg strength, the female athlete can help to propel them faster and farther than any male could.


Another thing that female athletes do best is swim. Unlike men who mainly rely on lifting weights and swinging a club, the water does not break down their muscles as much. Therefore, they are able to work more on the speed and endurance aspects of the sport rather than the strength. Because of this, they can reach a higher degree of exhaustion from swimming than male swimmers can.


Female Athletes Have More Potential Female athletes are considered to be stronger, quicker, and more explosive than male athletes. These qualities make them more suited for various sports. For example, female swimmers can achieve speeds of over 12 kilometers per hour and vertical jumps of nearly 50 meters. Because of this, female athletes have a huge advantage over male swimmers because they can turn in momentum to get away from their slower counterparts.


Despite all of these amazing statistics, many female athletes don’t receive the recognition they deserve. They are under-represented in sports reporting, media coverage, and even in many sporting venues and arenas. However, if you think about it, this all would change if more female athletes would begin to realize their full potential. With hard work and commitment, any female athlete can become a top-notch athlete in sports.

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