Transformer Automatic Welding Corrugated Fin Forming

In the past, transformer automatic welding has been widely used in different sectors and there are several advantages of such a method including cost-effectiveness, high weld productivity, faster production, increased consistency, and excellent elimination of secondary error. The latest transformers available in the market, especially those which are fabricated using corrugated or stacked fins have been equipped with an automatic pulse welding system which is a very advanced feature of this welding process. This makes it possible to use one coil while feeding the other through a vacuum hose. This eliminates the need for manual feeding and allows for faster completion of the welding process. The process can be completed in a matter of two to four hours.

In addition to that, these corrugated coil-fed transformers are ideal for CNC welding and EDM applications. Unlike MIG and TIG welding, there is no requirement for cutting or trimming the metal that will be transformed. There is also no need to expose or weld the welding point as the corrugated ends will remain smooth for easy removal.

There are several companies in the US and worldwide that manufacture and supply a wide range of transformers for EDM and CNC applications. You just need to choose from the wide variety of corrugated fin construction available, depending upon your needs and requirements. Some of the best companies that manufacture and supply transformer automatic welding equipment are WYSIWYG, Gemini, and Ultrasonic Corporation. So, no matter whether you require single or multiple transformers, you can easily purchase one from a good company near you.

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