Two New Halo Games to Replace Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo: Master Chief Collection

Ahead of Halo Infinite’s release on September 15th, I got to thinking about what I would have done differently if I was a player who had purchased and played Halo: Reach back when it was in development. I’ve since played through the entire game multiple times and have discovered a few things I wish I had known before. Fortunately for me, Halo Infinite gives us a lot of options to customize our characters, which means we’ll be much better players because of it. Here are some tips and tricks to improve your Halo experience.


If you’re looking forward to the release date of Halo Infinite, you’re not alone. Many fans are anxious for this new chapter in the Halo series, and the promise of more story content and more game modes are only a few reasons why fans are excited. However, there’s one more big reason: the upcoming game will feature a brand new multiplayer mode that has not been seen until now.


The first mode in Halo Infinite that wasn’t previously reported was called “Forge.” For those unfamiliar with the term, it is an interactive tool used by players to design their own maps and missions within the game. It is comparable to the Map Editor found in games such as Unreal Tournament and DayZ as well as the popular browser game explorer Microsoft Office. Despite the similarity, Forge is not the final version of the mode and may eventually be released as part of Halo 2: Anniversary.


Perhaps the biggest news regarding the upcoming Halo game is that it will feature an entirely new protagonist, the master chief. In the previous Halo games, the character Master Chief was played by players during certain missions and had limited abilities. With the help of an external character, however, players will be able to take control of Master Chief and become an iconic figure within the Halo universe.


When news of the new protagonist and his mysterious circumstances broke, fans went wild with excitement. However, one thing that got fans’ attention was the developer update that came along with the news. The developer update revealed several things about Halo Infinite that we’ve never been told before. Below, we’ll go over a few of those things, as well as some information on what the upcoming Halo multiplayer will have to offer.


One thing we’ve learned about Halo is that the game will feature a new type of ammunition. This ammo will be used in the combat between the Covenant and the Flood. This ammo won’t be like the ammo used by the humans in previous Halo games, however. Rather, it will be something completely new and unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.


Another bit of information we’re going to go over today is the story of Halo: Master Chief Collection. In this game, the player gets to play as Master Chief, who has been left behind on the UNSC ship after it’s crew is killed during a slipspace portal. Master Chief, now called “Master Chief” or “Brutes,” has been transformed into a cyborg supersoldier with super strength and ability. Instead of using a shotgun or rifle, Master Chief uses a Halo ring which fires powerful energy bolts at his enemies. The story line involves Master Chief trying to protect Earth from the Covenant, who are searching for their golden egg.


Beyond this, there’s very little new information on Halo: Halo Infinite. However, according to Halo fans on the internet, there is a rumor that suggests that Halo Infinity may not be the full story. In fact, the story of Halo Infinite may be a spiritual reboot of the Halo series, much like the older Halo games. Based on the information gathered thus far, it looks like Halo Infinite could very well be the first official spiritual reboot of the Halo series in ages.

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