Understanding the 10L High Purity Oxygen Generator

Oxygen generators are becoming increasingly popular with a wide range of medical and industrial applications. One such application is in helping hospitals maintain compliance with standards of safety equipment and patient care and saving cash for the hospital through reduced maintenance costs. A 10L High Purity Oxygen Generator is one of the best choices for these uses because of its ability to continuously provide patients with an adequate supply of oxygen, even during times of emergency or supply interruptions.

In addition to assisting hospitals in meeting regulatory compliance, this type of oxygen generator is also very useful for various medical practices. In-patient cardiac rehabilitation is one example of a medical application for this type of generator. Using this type of generator in a rehabilitation setting allows for a continuous flow of oxygen to patients and minimizes the time spent waiting for vented air to arrive. A high-pressure blower will be needed to power this system.

Finally, this type of oxygen generator is used by individuals who suffer from respiratory conditions that limit breathing at night or while in severely cold weather. These include chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), sleep apnea, and asthma. Although there is no clear evidence of the effectiveness of using a high-pressure blower in these situations, some practitioners feel that it is better than using a traditional compressor because of the increased airflow. However, even if the increase in airflow is not enough to help in alleviating the symptoms of the condition, there is no doubt that it will help many people. One such product is called the Bronchodilator, which is used for obstructive sleep apnea. Another product is the BiPAP, which can also be used in conjunction with a bronchodilator to effectively treat sleep apnea and its associated complications.

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