What Are the Four Thunderbolt 3 Ports on the MacBook Pro?

The new Apple MacBook Pro is an amazing tool for creating and editing your work. But if you’re not careful you can end up spending more money than you really have to. In this article we’ll look at some top tips and tricks to help make your investment last a long time.


One of the most important parts of the new keyboard and mouse setup is to consider what kind of RAM you are going to need. If you’re new to a computer, you will almost certainly only have to buy an average amount of RAM for your new MacBook Pro, and many of the accessories that go with it will also add in extra RAM. If you’re not as familiar with computers, however, you may want to buy a bit more to get more memory for programs and other uses. RAM is one of the best reasons to upgrade the hardware of your computer. MacBook Pro’s and laptops with screen and keyboard designs similar to the new MacBook Pro are loaded with more RAM than ever before.


RAM isn’t the only thing you should think about when upgrading your MacBook Pro. How much processing power do you need? You might need two or three times the processing power of the older MacBook Pro, which means buying a newer machine with a greater processor speed and additional memory could pay for itself over again over time. Older MacBook Pro’s have quad-core processors, while the new MacBook Pro and its competitors have four-core processors.


Whether you’re looking for the best typing experience ever, the fastest internet connection, the largest storage drive, the best gaming capabilities or just a durable keyboard and trackpad, the best thing you can do for your MacBook Pro is to buy it with the right accessories. Thankfully, most upgrades to the MacBook Pro are relatively inexpensive and can be done without draining your budget. Here’s a quick rundown of what you can expect to receive for your money when you buy a new keyboard, mouse, processor, hard drive, USB flash drive and memory sticks for your MacBook Pro.


The main parts of your MacBook Pro are the keyboard, the display, the trackpad and the base. Each of these parts can be upgraded with additional memory if you need it. For example, the fastest Internet connection is provided by the USB connection port on the left side of the computer, while the largest hard drive is installed directly in the back by the middle magnesium band. Each of these pieces of hardware can be replaced with newer, higher-performance parts, which will change the way your MacBook Pro looks and functions.


If you don’t already have a mouse, then you’ll need to get one. Moving away from the traditional mice that plug into the USB port and into something more useful like the USB port on the left side of your laptop is a good idea if you need a mouse to utilize the built-in browsing features on the MacBook Pro. The USB mouse is also a good addition, particularly if you often work on the web using the internet browser on your MacBook Pro. The thunderbolt ports located on either side of the laptop to provide power to the device and allow for data transfers to be completed through the USB port as well.


Apple laptops make great portable work spaces for those who like to use their device as a productivity device, even though it is geared towards people who are used to using their smartphones. The touch screen is easy to use but does not have the functionality of many of the programs available for download on an iPhone or iPad. However, most people in this particular group would probably benefit from at least one additional app that enables them to surf the web, edit photos and text, or even play some music. Even if you do not need these specific functions for your work computer, having access to these types of programs would be extremely handy. It may be hard to imagine, but there are many people who purchase an iPhone or iPad only to find out that they need some of the functionality that is available with the macbook pro in order to complete their work on the devices.


One thing that you might notice immediately is that the touch bar is different on the MacBook Pro compared to the touch screens of some of the other computers on the market. Unlike some of the other devices, the MacBook Pro does not feature the traditional Start button that is found on many other computers. Instead, the start button is replaced by what is called the trackball which is located on the lower right side of the laptop. This trackball has three different functions that are useful when you need to quickly launch a particular application. The four thunderbolt 3 ports are also located on this same location on the macbook pro, allowing for four connections if you need to connect anything to your computer.

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