Why Buy a Double Shaft Dust Humidifier?

A Double Shaft Humidifier is a type of humidifier that has two ceiling fan sets with adjustable dampers. Humidity control is possible by opening one set of doors and closing the other set. This unit operates by sucking dry air from outside and pushing humid air back in, much like the operation of an air conditioner. The air is pulled through a moisture trap in the base of the unit where it is mixed with cool (room) air. Many people find this is a quick and easy way to maintain a consistent indoor humidity level.

Air conditioners are known for pumping lots of hot air through a small area, causing the temperature to increase drastically. This is not the case with humidifiers as they pull very little air and therefore do not increase the temperature across a large area. There is also less evaporation of water vapor from the air as there is with air conditioners. This is important for people that have allergies or suffer from water or skin problems, as evaporation can cause these problems. This is also better for rooms that are not in use as it can be difficult to dry out a space that is not being used.

Double Shaft Dust Humidifiers are a very popular choice for homes as they provide the features of an air conditioner plus a way to add humidity to the air in your home. These types of humidifiers are becoming more popular in offices, as they are easy to operate and provide a consistent air supply. They are also quieter than air conditioners and use less electricity. These are good choices for a wide variety of applications.

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